Microsoft’s Windows 11: Terminal to Coexists with Command Prompt for Enhanced Functionality

According to recent reports, Microsoft has clarified that they have no intention of replacing the classic command prompt (cmd.exe) with Windows Terminal (Terminal) in Windows 11 or future operating systems.

Despite the numerous advantages of Windows Terminal, including tab support, split panels, customizable backgrounds, and extensive configuration options, Microsoft intends to maintain the legacy command prompt.

The company first introduced Terminal at the Build Developer Conference in 2020, and it has since evolved into a robust terminal environment with full backward compatibility, GPU rendering acceleration, cutting-edge text rendering, and the ability to execute Linux, CMD, and PowerShell commands from a single interface.

Furthermore, the latest Windows upgrade included an option allowing users to designate Terminal as their default terminal environment.

microsoft windows 11 canary 25915 update

Although some users fear that Terminal and artificial intelligence could supplant the Command Prompt, Microsoft project manager Christopher Nguyen assured that the company values the latter and sees no reason to alter it.

Nguyen believes that the coexistence of Command Prompt and Windows Terminal is a widespread issue and highlights how seamlessly the two integrate. In essence, Windows Terminal serves as a convenient host for executing command-line instructions, relaying them to CMD for processing, and displaying outcomes.

Additionally, he emphasized that visually distinctive custom backgrounds let users tailor their environments and distinguish among different shells.

While Terminal was never designed to supersede the Command Prompt, user concerns about a potential transition might have influenced Microsoft’s decision to provide reassurance regarding the continuity of both tools.

The Command Prompt’s continued availability aligns with Microsoft’s focus on inclusivity, ensuring that diverse user preferences remain accommodated.

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Microsoft’s Windows 11: Terminal to Coexists with Command Prompt for Enhanced Functionality

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