Microsoft Word offers new rewrite sentence feature!

Now you don’t even need to do the hard lifting bruh!

Microsoft’s Word and Powerpoint are two major applications used in the modern workplace on a daily basis. These two applications are used by professionals all across the world and are indispensable for a lot of workflows in the modern day scenario.

It is well known that Word has many functions, such as spell checking. Now Microsoft has upgraded this feature even further to provide rewrite suggestions for sentences.

microsoft word rewrite sentence feature

And this comes from the new Windows Office desktop version (version 1906-11629.20196), This new version of the  Windows Insider comes with several new features, and the most compelling feature in Word now is the rewrite feature.

To get a rewrite suggestion for a sentence, right-click on a word and select “Rewrite” and Word will automatically arrange the grammatically correct words to rewrite the sentence. But I still don’t know if it works for languages ??other than English.

As software for used by tons of professionals worldwide, the new feature of Microsoft Word is very useful. In fact, if you really start using it on an advanced level, you will find that there are many useful functions in Word. And it’s much more than just a random text processor.

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Microsoft Word offers new rewrite sentence feature!

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