Xbox on It’s Way to Become More Sustainable!

Xbox to redesign products to become more carbon neutral.

Xbox, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is taking steps to become a more sustainable company by 2030. As part of this effort, Xbox is redesigning its products to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Starting on January 11, Xbox Series X/S consoles will receive an automatic update to the power settings that will reduce power consumption while the console is off. This update will not affect performance, gameplay, or the ability to receive overnight updates.

This new power setting, known as “shutdown (energy saving)” is the most sustainable option for Xbox and uses up to 20 times less power than the previous “sleep” option. Xbox Insiders who have their consoles configured for automatic updates and use the “shutdown (energy saving)” option will also receive an update that makes their consoles “carbon aware.”

This means that the console will optimize updates and downloads to occur during times when renewable energy is most readily available on the local energy grid, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. Xbox estimates that for every two consoles that switch to “shutdown (energy saving),” the carbon equivalent of one tree planted for a decade will be saved. Xbox is the first gaming console to offer “carbon-aware” game downloads and updates.

While this feature is currently only available to Xbox Insiders, all Xbox users will have the opportunity to update their consoles soon. Additionally, Xbox will be rolling out a new “Active hours” setting for those who use the “sleep” power option. This will allow players to set specific hours during which the console will boot quickly and be available for a remote wake. Xbox is also exploring options for reducing the environmental footprint of its older consoles, such as the Xbox One.

These consoles will begin to see new power mode options, including “shutdown (energy saving),” starting on January 11. The company is encouraging all players to learn more about the power setting options available to them and to provide feedback on their experiences.

For more information on Xbox’s sustainability efforts, please see the final version of the Xbox Wire blog and visit the Xbox sustainability website.

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Xbox on It’s Way to Become More Sustainable!

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