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The foldable Moto Razr is now official!


The Moto Razr refresh which was rumoured to be in development since a long time is finally showing up. This time it’s not a leaked render or some unsubstantiated rumour. The official twitter handle of Motorola India has recently changed their cover picture which can be seen below.

motorola india official moto razr foldable phone

The Moto Razr folding phone which can be seen in their cover pic can be seen below in its full glory!

moto razr foldable phone official

Increase the brightness of your phone!!!

Or you can just watch our edited version of this picture in which we have tried to bring out the details which we will discuss further!

moto razr folding phone official inspire2rise

So, as can be seen, the design is the same as before in terms of the chin at the bottom. There’s a small hinge in the middle where the display folds. How good the display actually is and whether it feels seamless or not is something that will only be known once everyone gets their hands on this device. At the right side of the top end, there’s the power button and the volume rocker. At the back, there’s the camera module which is slightly protruding out.

Apart from these small observable details, not a lot can be determined from just a photograph. But stay hooked to this space and we will keep you updated with the details for the Moto Razr as and when we get our hands on this!

UPDATE: The phone is now public and you can easily pre-register for it via this link. Here’s a first official look at this device!

moto razr 2019 foldable smartphone

So guys do let us know if you are pumped about this upcoming smartphone! Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below! You can also subscribe to our newsletter and our push notifications for more leaks and details!

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