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Motorola Moto G71 mobile phone leaks online!

To feature support for dual SIM card, 5G network.


According to the latest news from GSMArena, Motorola is preparing to release its new G series after launching the Moto E40. Recently, Motorola Moto G71 mobile phone appeared in FCC documents certification.

FCC documents show that the model number of Motorola Moto G71 is XT2169-1, which is a 5G mobile phone that supports dual SIM cards and n5, n7, n66, n77 and n78 5G frequency bands.

The document also mentions that the phone will be equipped with an MC300 series charger with an NG50 battery pack with a capacity of 5000mAh.

motorola g71 leaked images

In addition, Motorola Moto G71 also supports NFC function and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

We have learned that in addition to Motorola Moto G71, there is also a Moto G51 that has also been leaked. The phone may be equipped with a Snapdragon 750G chip, 4GB of memory, and a stock version of the Android 11 operating system.

You can read the SAR values for the upcoming Moto G71 smartphone below!

moto g71 sar information and more

The specific release time of Motorola Moto G71 and Moto G51 is still unknown, but some media sources have said that Motorola may release new machines at the end of this month.

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