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Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac
Creating a high quality video and playing it on a video player is one thing. But no matter how good a recorded video is, we always need a video editing software which can give a premium and professional look to our recorded videos. You know you are working on a high quality video editing software when you can turn a video captured from 2 MP mobile camera to a video like it’s made by a media production house. You cannot expect this from every video editing software. For this you need a tool which has enough controls and options along with customization features. To do this you need Movavi Video Editing Suite. Movavi Video Editing Suite is one of the best movie editing software tool which is capable of cutting, splicing and altering videos and making them look extremely presentable with a bit of time and effort.

Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac: The roundup.

Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac: User Interface and Options In Movavi

The GUI of Movavi is divided into three sections: Video Player, Control Panel (with tabs) and a Task Bar which displays open files. The whole look of this software is self-explanatory in itself and is easy to get to grips with, quite quickly. The user interface is well designed, so it’s very easy to see where all the controls are and what functions they do. There are standard File, Edit, Playback and Help Menus on the upper right side of the screen above the Control Panel which allows you to insert titles, captions, special effects and transitions in video clips with few clicks. The main display screen of this software works as a media player too, which have some unique features that allow you to add some transparency levels to your videos. The media player of this software supports more than 100 audio, video and title tracks. I don’t think any other software can do this. Besides all these functions and features, the media player of this software provides a very crystal clear picture quality with no stuttering or unexpected pauses.

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Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac: Features of Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac: What You Can Do More?

With Movavi Windows’s version, you can import DV/HDV camera footage to your hard drive and convert it to any format. Later on when you project is ready, you can either save it on your hard disk in any video format or you can also upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. The Video Message applet frames your video with any of 26 pre-designed frames and enables you to add a text caption. All of the frames are greetings based with no noticeable themes, but yet they are attractive.

Reading now: Movavi Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac.

My Verdict

This is a heavy duty software which actually weights less. Movavi Video Editor offers almost all features which can’t be found in any other editor. This software is also available for 64-Bit versions of Windows for faster operations. Movavi Video Editing Software provides a user with an all-in-one solution for creating their own videos and to edit them. It’s just plain simple from a beginner to a professional. Movavi Video Editor is perfect choice for you.

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