Mozilla FireFox to offer paid services from October!

But why! What are they actually offering?

According to an online report, Mozilla said it will provide paid services for Firefox users starting in October this year.

Mozilla plans to offer paid services in Firefox, providing advanced features such as cloud storage. The details of the service are not yet fully known.

But Mozilla CEO Chris Beard mentioned services such as cloud storage and few more things are coming in an interview with T3N. According to reports, Mozilla plans to offer paid services starting in October this year.

It is understood that as early as October last year i.e. 2018, Mozilla began testing paid services. However, this service was only available to a small number of beta users. Authorized users can subscribe via Firefox and can use the service for $10 a month.

Mozilla FireFox Paid services details

Mozilla’s goal is to develop a diverse source of revenue. Mozilla also said that it will not charge for existing Firefox features to the current users.

Mozilla is a non-profit organization so it does kind of make sense that they will try to diversify and improve their revenues. FireFox doesn’t sell user data or make money directly as it’s a product which is solely made for secure and private browsing. Hence it kind of makes sense that Mozilla will try as many revenue sources as possible.

So guys what do you feel? Would you pay for a paid service if Mozilla launches it? Are you an existing FireFox user? Do let us know your views in the comments section below!

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Mozilla FireFox to offer paid services from October!

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