Uncovering the Moon’s Secret: Massive Mysterious Granite Body Found on Lunar Far Side!

The Dark side of the moon continues to allure humanity!

On July 10th, a recent investigation unveiled that scientists have discovered a mysterious 30-mile-wide granite mass on the far side of the moon.

Published in the journal Nature, the study suggests that the rock body may have been formed from volcanic eruptions billions of years ago.

By gauging the geothermal activity of the rock mass with microwave frequencies, scientists discovered the presence of radioactive elements only found in granite.

Granite is a common igneous rock on Earth that typically forms from magma that cools after volcanic eruptions.

new lunar surface photos granite

However, the discovery of granite on the moon is unusual since the moon lacks water and plate tectonics, which are both necessary conditions for the formation of granite.  

new lunar photos granite

Matthew Siegler, a professor at Southern Methodist University and a researcher at the Planetary Science Institute, explained that the formation of granite requires extreme conditions in the absence of water.

“No water, no plate tectonic system, but granite,”

he stated, raising the question of whether the moon harbours water in this location or if the high temperatures alone are responsible for this unusual discovery.

This study provides new insights into the Moon’s evolutionary history and raises the possibility of future exploration.

Scientists are eager to study this enigmatic granite body further to uncover how it formed and whether it hints at more unknown intricate structures inside the Moon.

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Uncovering the Moon’s Secret: Massive Mysterious Granite Body Found on Lunar Far Side!

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