Netflix Ends Basic Plan, Pushes Higher Priced Subscriptions

Netflix discontinues its Basic subscription, urging users to upgrade. Explore the changes and impacts on existing plans, including price adjustments.

Netflix is phasing out its Basic plan, the most affordable no-ad option, which is no longer available to new subscribers. Existing Basic subscribers are prompted to choose a pricier plan upon renewal, with the initial group facing the change by July 2024.

A Reddit user shared that Netflix emailed them to upgrade after their current subscription ended, highlighting a month’s notice for the change.

Netflix emphasizes customer value but plans to discontinue the Basic plan regardless.

In the U.S., the Basic plan, after a recent price hike in October, costs $9.99 monthly.

However, Netflix only offers three plans now:

  • A Standard with Ads plan at $5.99 monthly allows 1080p viewing and download on two devices, excluding some shows and movies.
  • The Standard plan at $16.49 offers 1080p on two devices with one additional member option for an extra $7.99 monthly.
  • The Premium plan at $22.99 provides 4K HDR video on up to six devices for viewing and four for downloads, with an option to add two additional members at $7.99 each, featuring Netflix Spatial Audio.

In other regions like Hong Kong and Egypt, a no-ad Basic plan is still available, priced around $66.17 HKD and 70 Egyptian pounds respectively.

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Netflix Ends Basic Plan, Pushes Higher Priced Subscriptions

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