Microsoft adds new emojis in 2019 Windows 10 May update!

Yay, new ways to talk to your homies!

Microsoft introduced a large number of emoji characters in the 2019 Windows 10 May update edition. Microsoft also added a set of additional colourful emoticons. These new features are part of this year’s Emoji 12.0 suite, which can use 230 extra characters.

Microsoft adds new emojis in 2019 Windows 10 May update

These new emojis include new accessibility icons; the colour of the handheld emoji is more diverse than before. It includes any combination that supports mixed male, female, and non-sex-specified individuals; and the addition of coloured shapes.

Microsoft also introduced a number of additional emojis, including new animals, including guide dogs as part of the accessibility-set. It also brought some extra food icons.

Microsoft’s emoticons look rather flat and some redesigned icons are seen in the update. Perhaps the most important is the Zany Face emoji, which now sticks out the tongue instead of exposing the teeth to fit the design on other platforms. Other changes include improvements to owls, coffee, crowns, rockets, shoes, bells, and more.

microsoft new emojis emoticons

If you want to use the new emoji set, you need to get the latest 2019 Windows 10 May update version, if you have not received the automatic push, you can now install it manually.

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Microsoft adds new emojis in 2019 Windows 10 May update!

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