New iPad Pro Boosts Cooling with Copper Apple Logo

Discover the new iPad Pro’s 20% improved cooling feature, using a copper Apple logo for enhanced heat dissipation and performance

The new iPad Pro has made significant enhancements in heat dissipation, notably a 20% improvement, largely due to a copper-made Apple logo on its back.

new iPad Pro

This year, Apple introduced an upgraded M4 chip and a pioneering dual-layer tandem OLED technology in the new iPad Pro models.

One of the standout features is the enhanced thermal management, which is partly achieved by incorporating a graphite sheet in the casing.

new iPad

Additionally, the Apple logo on the back, now made of copper, serves as a supplementary heat sink, aiding in the cooling of the M4 chip and other internal components.

Although Apple has not disclosed the specific contribution of this copper logo to the overall heat dissipation, it marks a novel use of the logo, enhancing its functionality beyond mere branding.

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New iPad Pro Boosts Cooling with Copper Apple Logo

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