New Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Firmware Boosts Security and Cooling

Microsoft’s latest firmware for Surface Pro 7 enhances security and prevents overheating, available now for update.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Receives New Firmware: Enhancing Security and Preventing Overheating

On May 16, 2024, Microsoft rolled out a new firmware update for its seventh-generation Surface Pro 7, noted for its 60Hz display and broader bezels.

This latest firmware update in May 2024 focuses on security enhancements and under-the-hood improvements to prevent device overheating and improve energy efficiency.

Key aspects of the security update include:

  • Fixes for potential security vulnerabilities linked to Intel security advisories INTEL-SA-00923, INTEL-SA-00929, and INTEL-SA-00950.
  • These advisories address issues like uncontrolled resource consumption and race conditions in certain Intel® SPS and BIOS firmware that could allow denial of service attacks or privilege escalation.

The update is designed to maintain device efficiency and prevent overheating. It is available via the “Settings > Windows Update” path or can be manually downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Please note that this update does not apply to the Surface Pro 7+ model.

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New Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Firmware Boosts Security and Cooling

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