New Tetris Block Puzzle Game Released for 40th Anniversary

Celebrate 40 years of Tetris with the new Tetris Block Puzzle mobile game featuring updated graphics, new modes, and hundreds of levels.

The game Tetris has reached its 40th anniversary and remains popular worldwide.

Playstudios, to celebrate this milestone, has released a new mobile game called Tetris Block Puzzle, alongside an update to the existing mobile version of Tetris.

In 2021, Playstudios acquired the exclusive global rights to develop and publish Tetris games on mobile platforms, though the IP remains owned by The Tetris Company.

Mobile Tetris Update

The recent update includes a new user interface, animations, and sound effects. In addition to classic and marathon modes, a new adventure mode has been introduced, offering faster gameplay and more levels.

Playstudios states that this mode has hundreds of unique levels, providing ample gameplay.

New Tetris Block Puzzle Mobile Game

The official game description reads:

Welcome to Tetris® Block Puzzle, the ultimate mobile game that combines timeless block puzzle fun with the iconic Tetris brand.

Experience exclusive Tetris gameplay, clear lines, and aim for high scores!

new tetris game 40th anniversary

Challenge yourself with strategic gameplay, plan your moves carefully to create perfect clears.

No internet connection needed! Play anytime, anywhere, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Tetris puzzles.

Clear consecutive lines to achieve incredible combos and showcase your Tetris puzzle skills!

Geometric Abstraction Style Image Prompt

Create an image in a geometric abstraction style to represent the essence of Tetris Block Puzzle celebrating its 40th anniversary. The image should feature vibrant colors, abstract shapes resembling Tetris blocks, and a festive atmosphere indicating the milestone celebration.

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New Tetris Block Puzzle Game Released for 40th Anniversary

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