Next gen iPhones might use Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic fingerprint reader!

Revival of the TouchID?

The next generation of iPhones are leaking left and right and the excitement is building up to the annual September launch. But one of the sorely missed features year after year after the introduction of FaceID is the touchID. A lot of iPhone users sorely miss the fingerprint reader which made unlocking and doing other things on an iPhone much easier. For sure the FaceID is great and everything. But an infrared sensor can never match the fastness and accuracy of a native fingerprint reader. And now if rumours are to be believed the next-gen iPhones might use Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic fingerprint reader!

The rumours claim that Apple has been secretly in contact with Qualcomm in order to use their ultrasonic fingerprint reader technology which had already been used on the Samsung Galaxy S10 this year.

Compared to the optical fingerprint readers Ultrasonic fingerprint readers have an advantage as they work even with wet hands. They work with a very low rejection rate, just around 250ms of delay and work really fast compared to optical based in display fingerprint readers.

The data showed the Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader was released in June last year and the module is just 0.15mm thick. But there’s one difficulty that it should be matched with the OLED panel to work properly.

According to statistics agency IHS Markit, the number of mobile phones equipped with screen-printed fingerprints will reach 100 million in 2019, and Qualcomm’s ultrasonic technology will mature commercially next year.

Personally, we think that the 2019 iPhone models won’t come with these changes as Apple might use this tech only when it has become completely mature. We hope to be wrong this time. So what do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Next gen iPhones might use Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic fingerprint reader!

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