Nintendo to Open Second U.S. Store in San Francisco in 2025

Nintendo announces plans to open its second U.S. store, “Nintendo San Francisco,” in Union Square by 2025.

Nintendo plans to open its second official store in the U.S. after nearly 20 years

On May 25, Nintendo announced its plan to open a second official store in the U.S. in 2025, named “Nintendo San Francisco,” located on the West Coast.

Nintendo announced in a press release that the store will be located in San Francisco’s Union Square and will invite visitors and locals to experience a variety of Nintendo products.

Nintendo’s first official store in the U.S. is also located in a prime location: the historic Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. This store, which opened in May 2005, spans two floors and covers 10,000 square feet.

nintendo san francisco announcement

It has been a tourist hotspot for Nintendo fans, selling a wide range of merchandise, hardware, and accessories for nearly two decades.

Nintendo has not revealed more details about the new San Francisco store, including whether it will be larger than the existing store.

It is worth noting that Nintendo has opened some official stores in theme parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood, but this new store will be Nintendo’s second standalone store in the U.S., and it is likely to be significantly larger than its counterparts in theme parks.

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Nintendo to Open Second U.S. Store in San Francisco in 2025

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