Bid farewell to email marketing troubles, use Mailget

As a blogger and seldom internet marketer one of the many irksome tasks that I have to face during my work schedule is one of sending emails to people. Often many questions crop up in my mind before creating any mail campaign or sending mails through normal services like MailChimp etc., one of the many questions that crop up is, “Does my mail even look good enough to compel the user to take further action?” Many questions like this force me to think that their must be some solution so that I could easily create beautiful emails to send to my readers and people who might be interested in my offers and content. Bam, enters MailGet with it’s offerings and a wonderful product to ease my tension of creating beautiful emails and managing of emails.

So what is Mailget?

MailGet is a mail sending service for Internet marketers, bloggers and lay men alike. It can be used to send bulk emails to your subscribers at a really cost effective rate and without putting much burden on your pocket. The service has a really beautiful and easy to use email builder which allows you to create complex as well as beautiful layouts with ease. Many custom design elements are present inside the email builder for Mailget which allows users to create fluid as well as catchy mailer designs.

mailget email builder

Alternative services like MailChimp and CampaignMonitor cost a lot and don’t offer all the range of features that MailGet provides. The Email Builder in Mailget allows you to have custom header with catchy title or image and footer with company name and address and allows customized mail content along with easy galleries, buttons etc.

Here is the demo page for you to visit in order to see how it works and it looks like the image below.

mailget demo account

 How to use Mailget and important facts about it

  • Login into your Mailget account and click on create email.
  • Create your email using the awesome buttons and easy double click add functionality.
  • Finalize the design.
  • Click on the contacts list and add your email list via import in the .csv format or you can add emails manually too!
  • You can even export emails if you wish to and save them locally. Their is also an option to ban/blacklist users and add different users to different email lists.
  • You can easily track your email campaigns and their progress using the dashboard.
  • You can also add the custom Mailget subscription form to your website to generate an email list over time!
  • Set up automatic responders for first time subscribers to welcome them to your mailing list.
  • You need to have an Amazon SES account in order to use Mailget, no separate hosting is required for this purpose.
  • Their is a limit of 10,000 emails per 24 hours but that can be removed by asking for extended access.

Why MailGet?

It offers easy switching from existing providers like MailChimp and the cost is really less as well uses the reliable Amazon SES infrastructure so all in all it’s an affordable product which gives you value for your money. The charge is of $29 upto a limit of 10,000 subscribers, and $49 and $79 for 50k and 100k subscribers respectively. Unlimited bulk emails can be sent using MailGet each month and the Amazon SES platform levies a nominal cost of $1 per 10k emails sent by you. So all in all it’s a decent budget email marketing solution!

Have any doubts? Want to ask something about Mailget, then don’t hesitate to comment!

The video given below covers how you can build emails using MailGet.

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MailGet features overview and full review.

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Bid farewell to email marketing troubles, use Mailget

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