Nokia lumia Your Wish is my App season 2 : WaterVerse

“Heya folks, this is a very serious website with zero creativity and rehashed posts.” -> Did you ever see me saying that? No. The single reason why some people love this website is because the writer here has no other stuff to do except entertain the readers. This time I have come up with an app idea. The application idea that I came up with is something based on the existing yet new in it’s own unique way. I present to you “WaterVerse“. This is my idea of a location based game. I recently attended Indiblogger’s blogger meet which was sponsored by Nokia and we were fortunate to meet Rajiv Makhni, Vishal Gondol and Vikas Khanna there. This entry is a part of Nokia Lumia Your wish is my App season 2.

Nokia Lumia Your Wish is my App Season 2 : WaterVerse – The Concept.

WaterVerse is an augmented reality based game which runs on the central idea of user’s location on the Water Verse map. Have you heard of Google Ingress game? On first glance you may think that my idea is a rip off of that game with just fancy stuff added to it. But believe me, it has way much more potential than that.
My game comes with a social message for users and also helps the regular players stay fit. I designed an infographic too to show the exact potential and brief description for my app.

nokia lumia your wish is my app waterverse

Now that you have seen this infographic let’s divulge into the details, because as they say, “The Devil is in the details.”

Nokia lumia Your Wish is my App season 2, WaterVerse : The game details.

Simply put, this game will coerce the player to leave his/her sedentary lifestyle each time they fire up the game on their phones. Also the difficulty encountered while finding high water level zones in their neighboring areas will increase the player’s sensitivity about scarcity of water and the need to conserve water on an individual level.
The funny thing about this game is that it can’t be beaten. No matter what the player does, he can only reach a certain level on the game before he runs out of places with higher water level than the place they are currently at. The highest level scorer worldwide would get a place of honor on the official website. Monthly one top scorer would win official merchandise. Users with top distance covered via this app can also get incentives.

The game would mostly have a real time user location data on a map interface with varying blue color gradients to showcase different water levels. Most of the data would be genuine but to enhance the game play some of the boundaries of different water zones may be varied so that the game’s fun nature and ease of play is maintained.

I don’t think that this is something out of the blue, or the one app that beats all. But it is one app which deserves to be made. This app needs to be on the Windows Phone platform, on Android, on iOS just everywhere.

Water is a precious commodity. Water is life. We need to save it or the future generations won’t be able to enjoy that daily shower which you so happily take.

This is Aditya Nath Jha, from, urging you to save water. This app idea too has that simple notion at its very heart.

DISCLAIMER : This app idea is the sole property of and intended for Nokia Lumia Your Wish is my App season 2  as an entry, you can embed the infographic on your website with proper credits. Any stealing of any form is liable for legal action.

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Nokia lumia Your Wish is my App season 2 : WaterVerse

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