Nvidia confirms A100 PCIe acceleration graphics card: up to 80GB of video memory!

Newest Nvidia Graphics card!

According to reputed tech website VideoCardz, Nvidia’s official website lists new product information for the A100 series of PCIe computing acceleration graphics cards. This series of products are launched for high-performance computers in data centres and used in artificial intelligence, science, and industrial operations. The GPU chip code of this series of products is GA100, the core area is 826 square millimetres, and it has 54 billion transistors. The new product is equipped with up to 80GB of video memory and uses the HBM2e high-speed video memory chip.

According to the official list, Nvidia will soon launch a graphics card with a PCIe interface, offering 40GB and 80GB video memory options, and will also provide a version with an SXM4 interface.

nvidia a100 supported gpus

They also learned from sources that the Nvidia A100 series graphics cards with 80GB of video memory are expected to be released next week, with up to 2TB/s of video memory bandwidth. It has also come to our knowledge that three versions of PCIe accelerator cards have appeared on NVIDIA’s official website. The PCIe version has only 40GB of video memory available. The models that support NVLink dual card connection provide 40GB and 80GB video memory options, and the power consumption is up to 400W TDP.

nvidia a100 pcie accelerator

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Nvidia confirms A100 PCIe acceleration graphics card: up to 80GB of video memory!

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