Nvidia claims AMD’s 7nm cards still use more power!

Is the Team Green turning RED? (Pun intended!)

According to the German technology website Hardwareluxx’s report, some new and shocking info has come out regarding the AMD Navi graphics cards. AMD has long been thumping their chests regarding how power efficient and great their new generation cards are. Nvidia it seems hasn’t been sleeping and they have posted some rather detailed comparisons against the Team Red’s graphics cards.

NVIDIA after the introduction of two Navi graphics cards Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700 has tested them internally quite extensively and the results are shocking, to say the least.

amd tdp and tgp leaked vs nvidia

As you can see on this leaked live PPT, NVIDIA explains thermal design power (TDP) and total board power (TGP). According to NVIDIA, TDP is the single power consumption of the GPU on the PCB, while TGP is the total power consumption of the graphics card.

According to AMD, the game performance of the Radeon 5700XT is slightly higher than the NVIDIA RTX 2070, and the RX 5700 is higher than the NVIDIA RTX 2060. However, from the power consumption comparison chart published by NVIDIA, the Radeon 5700XT has higher TDP and TGP than the RTX 2070, and the Radeon 5700 has higher TDP and TGP than the RTX 2060.

This means that in real life AMD still has to work a lot more on improving their power consumption and other parameters. Nvidia’s claims will be made live soon in the near future. Till now let’s hear the disgruntled cries of AMD fans! Personally, I too love AMD and their new GPUs. But some of the things did seem too good to be true. And finally, this leaked report has shed some new light on the whole scenario!

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It seems that AMD will have to work hard on power control in the near future as well!

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Nvidia claims AMD’s 7nm cards still use more power!

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