NVIDIA Announces Rubin GPU Architecture with HBM4 Memory for 2026

NVIDIA unveils the Rubin GPU architecture with HBM4 memory and Vera CPU, set to launch in 2026, continuing its innovation streak at the 2024.

On June 2, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang announced the next-generation Rubin GPU architecture at the 2024 Taipei Computer Expo.

Rubin GPU architecture

This new architecture will be released in 2026 and includes HBM4 memory and the Vera CPU.

GPU architecture

Huang emphasized NVIDIA’s commitment to data center scale, annual updates, technological limits, and unified architecture.

Rubin Ultra GPU (12S HBM4)

Key milestones include:

  • 2024: Production of Blackwell chips.
  • 2025: Launch of Blackwell Ultra products.
  • 2026: Introduction of Rubin products.
  • 2027: Release of Rubin Ultra products.

Specifically, the Rubin GPU (8S HBM4), Vera CPU, NVLink 6 Switch (3600Gbps), CX9 SuperNIC (1600Gbps), and X1600 IB/Ethernet Switch are scheduled for 2026.

The Rubin Ultra GPU (12S HBM4) will follow in 2027. All mentioned products are currently in active development

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NVIDIA Announces Rubin GPU Architecture with HBM4 Memory for 2026

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