NVIDIA App Beta Adds AV1 Recording and One-Click GPU Tuning

NVIDIA App’s beta update supports 120 FPS AV1 video recording, one-click GPU performance tuning, and enhanced overlay for better user

On June 3rd, it was announced that the NVIDIA App, integrating the NVIDIA Control Panel, GeForce Experience, and RTX Experience, is currently in the testing phase.


This beta update includes support for recording video in the AV1 format at 120 FPS, introduces one-click GPU performance tuning, and improves the NVIDIA App overlay for a better user experience.

RTX 40 series

NVIDIA has added support for AV1 SDR and HDR video encoding, enhancing video clarity and quality. Gamers can now record at 120 FPS for smoother, more immersive playback.

GPU performance

GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards and laptop GPUs come with the eighth-generation hardware video encoder supporting AV1 encoding.

Compared to H.264, users can record higher quality videos at the same bitrate with AV1.

Desktop and laptop users with GeForce RTX graphics cards can monitor and optimize their GPU performance using the performance panel and one-click automatic GPU tuning.

This feature scans system performance characteristics and provides one-click automatic GPU tuning, ensuring optimal performance configurations.

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NVIDIA App Beta Adds AV1 Recording and One-Click GPU Tuning

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