NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: Video Generation AI Models to Further Boost Chip Demand

NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang predicts a rise in AI chip demand due to advanced video generation models, highlighting significant industry impacts.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently announced that new AI models supporting video generation will significantly increase the demand for NVIDIA AI chips.

Previously, AI chatbots like ChatGPT had already led to a shortage of NVIDIA AI chips. The introduction of advanced models capable of creating video and human-like voice interactions is expected to further boost chip orders.

OpenAI’s newly released flagship AI model, “GPT-4o,” supports text, voice, and video generation, demonstrating impressive conversational abilities.

Competitors like Google are also unveiling similar products. Huang emphasized the importance of video and 3D content in the future, stating that these advanced systems require substantial computational power, driving demand for NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper chips, such as the H200.

NVIDIA’s other clients, including Google DeepMind and Meta, have also launched AI image and video generation platforms. Recently, NVIDIA’s first-quarter revenue surged by 262%, with net profits increasing by 628%. The company’s future performance outlook remains strong.

Derren Nathan from Hargreaves Lansdown highlighted the broad demand for NVIDIA chips, noting the need for large language models to support multiple modalities, including text, voice, and 3D images.

The automotive industry’s use of video AI models is also contributing to the demand for NVIDIA chips. NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress mentioned that Tesla has expanded its AI training processor cluster to approximately 35,000 H100 chips for autonomous driving.

Nathan concluded that video generation is a proven and powerful AI application, extending beyond simple content creation.

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: Video Generation AI Models to Further Boost Chip Demand

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