NVIDIA DLSS Technology Is Now Used in 300 Plus Games and Apps

Thirty Four Games Already Support DLSS3 as of now!

After launching the RTX 4060 / Ti graphics card, Nvidia declared that its DLSS upgrade technology is now utilized in over three hundred games and applications, with thirty-four games supporting DLSS3 and two hundred ninety-eight games and software supporting DLSS2.

Nvidia also stated that the D5 renderer is one of the newest software to support DLSS3. (Note: This is not a game or a benchmarking tool, but a 3D rendering tool for the architecture and design industries.)

Nvidia claims that DLSS technology has proved beneficial for advanced rendering techniques that use real-time ray tracing, such as Cyberpunk 2077’s RT Overdrive. However, DLSS3 is only compatible with GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards, hence its impact is currently limited.

The following DLSS updates have been released:

  • D5 Renderer – DLSS3 (available now)
  • Outlast: Trials – DLSS2 (available now)
  • Bus Simulator 21 – DLSS2 (available now)
  • KartKraft – DLSS2 (available now)
  • Void Train – DLSS2 (available now)
  • Moon Runner – DLSS2 (available now)

Moreover, several new games have received updates to support DLSS, including The Outlast Trials and Bus Simulator 21, which currently support DLSS2 technology.

Additionally, NetEase’s post-apocalyptic MMORPG game, Code 56 (Ashfall), has added support for DLSS3, although the game has not yet been released.

The support for DLSS3 is expected to be launched in the beta version, which will be released in July.

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NVIDIA DLSS Technology Is Now Used in 300 Plus Games and Apps

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