Nvidia’s Ingame “Frame Generation” Technology Is Actually Compatible With AMD FSR 2.0!

And the final result is better than DLSS!

We recently learned on November 13 that NVIDIA has introduced a “Frame Generation” technology in DLSS 3, which uses AI to increase the frame rate by generating additional high-quality frames while optimizing response through NVIDIA Reflex ability.

According to Igor’sLAB’s tests, this frame generation technology can work with AMD FSR 2.0 and Intel XeSS too and the final result may be significantly better.

dlss3 fsr2 xess frame generation comparison

NVIDIA DLSS frame generation requires the new optical flow accelerator in GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs and NVIDIA Tensor Cores, so RTX 4090 graphics cards are the only ones currently tested with this. According to the actual tests of “Marvel Spider-Man: Remastered Edition”, AMD FSR 2.0 can increase 95 FPS under ultra-high performance settings after enabling Nvidia frame generation, and Intel XeSS can increase 69 FPS under performance settings and enable Nvidia frame generation. AMD FSR 2.0 works best with Nvidia frame generation, and even the limit frame number after it is turned on is the same as DLSS 3.0.

AMD FSR 2.0 with Frame Generation
AMD FSR 2.0 with Frame Generation!
intel xess with frame generation nvidia
Intel XeSS with Frame Generation!
nvidia dlss 3 on spiderman remastered
Nvidia DLSS 3.0!

We know that AMD announced its Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards last week and confirmed FSR 3.0 technology. This technology will be launched next year, and according to AMD, FSR 3.0 will use a technology called Fluid Motion Frames (Fluid Motion Frames), which seems to be very similar to Nvidia’s frame generation technology, we can expect this technology to benefit more graphics cards in near future.

amd fidelityfx super resolution

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Nvidia’s Ingame “Frame Generation” Technology Is Actually Compatible With AMD FSR 2.0!

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