Nvidia Confirms Launch of “Hopper-Next” GPU in 2024, Expected to Bring a Huge Performance Leap

According to news reports dated May 29th, Nvidia Corporation has confirmed that they will be launching the Hopper-Next graphics processing unit (GPU) in the year 2024. This upcoming GPU will be designed specifically for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI), similar to its predecessor, the Hopper GPU.

Although Nvidia did not provide any specific details about the Hopper-Next GPU, it is evident that this graphics card is intended to be the next iteration of the Hopper GPU. It is likely that Nvidia will not use the “Hopper-Next” naming convention for this product.

However, it is worth noting that there were reports last year that this graphics card was referred to as “Blackwell” during its development stage.

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Nvidia has previously stated that they plan to release a large General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) architecture every two years. As Hopper was released last year, the launch of the Blackwell graphics architecture in 2024 will align with Nvidia’s release schedule.

Earlier disclosures confirmed the existence of at least two Blackwell graphics cards- GB100 and GB102. Both of these graphics cards are expected to remain monolithic and may use the new 3nm process. Currently, NVIDIA Hopper is the world’s fastest 4nm graphics card and the first graphics card to use HBM3 memory. It is well-known for its powerful AI computing capabilities and has been designed to cater to the next generation of generative models, such as ChatGPT.

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The Hopper-Next graphics cards will also focus on targeting similar areas but with higher performance, with a greater emphasis on dedicated AI engines, such as the “Transformer” GPU engine. Blackwell is expected to offer a significant generational improvement over the Hopper, which has been a defining feature of Nvidia’s product releases.

More information on the next generation of Nvidia’s Hopper-Next graphics cards is expected to be revealed at GTC in 2024, which is an annual conference organized by Nvidia to showcase the latest advancements in GPU technology.

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Nvidia Confirms Launch of “Hopper-Next” GPU in 2024, Expected to Bring a Huge Performance Leap

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