Nvidia Releases 531.79 Driver Update: Adds DLSS 3 Support for Redfall and Diablo IV

The Update Adds DLSS 2 Support for “Diablo IV Server Slam” and “Showgunners”.

Nvidia has released the 531.79 driver update, which has passed WHQL certification. The update focuses on optimising gameplay for Redfall and Diablo IV, adding DLSS 3 support for both games.

DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling, which is a technology that uses AI to upscale lower-resolution images to higher resolutions. DLSS has become a popular technology among gamers because it can improve the performance of games and provide better image quality.

WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) is a testing process that ensures drivers are compatible with Windows operating systems and meet certain quality standards.

Nvidia Releases 531.79 Driver Update

The Nvidia 531.79 driver update includes DLSS 2 support for Diablo IV Server Slam and Showrunners, in addition to DLSS 3 support for Redfall and Diablo IV.

DLSS 2 is an artificial intelligence-powered technology that boosts game performance and graphic quality. Players may expect smoother gameplay, quicker frame rates, and higher visual quality in these two games with DLSS 2 support.

The latest Nvidia 531.79 driver update also fixes certain bugs that were present in prior versions. One of the bugs fixed by the update is app crashes while playing Battlefield 2042, The Last of Us, and Unreal Editor on the RTX 30 Series.

Another issue addressed by the update is the absence of the maximum display refresh rate in the NVIDIA Control Panel after installing NVIDIA display driver 531.41 on the Asus VG27WQ and Acer XV253Q.

Are you ready to take advantage of the latest Nvidia driver update promises for your gaming experience?

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Nvidia Releases 531.79 Driver Update: Adds DLSS 3 Support for Redfall and Diablo IV

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