NVIDIA Unveils Four New ASUS RTX AI Laptops at Computex 2024

NVIDIA introduces four new ASUS RTX AI laptops at Computex 2024, enhancing AI performance with Strix Point CPUs and RTX GPUs.

RTX AI notebooks
TUF Gaming A14

The four new laptops, based on their varying configurations, effectively translate to six new models. Here are the details:

TUF Gaming A14

  • FA401WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • FA401WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • FA401WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070
  • FA401UU: Ryzen 8040 + RTX 4050
  • FA401UV: Ryzen 8040 + RTX 4060
  • FA401UI: Ryzen 8040 + RTX 4070

ROG Magic 16 Air AMD

TUF Gaming A16

  • FA608WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • FA608WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • FA608WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

Create ProArt P16

ROG Zephyrus G16 AMD Refresh

  • GA605WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • GA605WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • GA605WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

MSI Stealth A16 AI+

ProArt PX13

  • HN7306WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • HN7306WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060

ProArt P16

  • M7606WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • M7606WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060

Additionally, MSI’s Stealth A16 AI+ is expected to be a version of the existing MSI Stealth 16 laptop with an AMD processor.

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NVIDIA Unveils Four New ASUS RTX AI Laptops at Computex 2024

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