All OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price rumours and leaks!

Everything we know about OnePlus 6T till now!

oneplus 6t launch date in india and price
OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price: Leaked Renders of OnePlus 6T!

If there is one brand which has continuously won the heart and trust of consumers from the past few years with their high on specs yet affordable devices, it has got to be OnePlus. Starting off as a subbrand to another company, it has now grown into a name itself, a brand that people prefer over many others. So in today’s post, we will tell you all about the OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price leaks and rumours.

With a boosted uptick in sales, Oneplus has been releasing something every year for the consumers. Starting off with only one release per year, they have now for past two years, released a new phone every 6 months and this year too, this trend is going to continue. OnePlus released its flagship device the OnePlus 6 just six months back which was very well received by the consumers and markets alike.

OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price Details

But in a market which is innovating at a breakneck pace, the OnePlus 6 has become outdated in just a manner of months. There have been so many launches like the Vivo V11 Pro, the Xiaomi PocoPhone F1 and so many others in the sub 30K price bracket that the OnePlus 6 has become obsolete really quickly.

Continuing the tradition of great smartphones, they are all set to launch their latest device OnePlus 6T. While the release is yet more than a few weeks away, we have some rumours floating around about the devices. If they are to be believed, then 6T is set to come with some really major updates. Let’s have a quick rundown of all the OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price rumours and leaks!

OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price: A top-notch device?

Oneplus 6T is expected to come with a smaller notch than its predecessors, while the screen is expected to grow a little big at 6.40′ from 6.28″. The pixels are expected to remain the same which is a strategy of Oneplus to keep the prices down while also maintaining power efficiency.

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The OnePlus 6T is expected to take design cues from its parent company Oppo’s latest smartphone the Oppo R17. It has happened quite a lot of times in the recent past that OnePlus smartphones were similar to their Oppo predecessors and we hope to see this trend continue in the near future!

OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price Details

Built-in In-Display fingerprint Sensor:

Another new feature we can expect from the upcoming 6T is an inbuilt fingerprint sensor in the device’s display. While we have already seen this feature in many of Oppo and Vivo’s devices, they were a tad bit slow. Let’s hope Oneplus is able to maintain its speediness. Another rumour floating around is the face unlock feature, so you never know. But if there’s an easily accessible front facing camera you can easily expect the face unlock function to be present.

Other OnePlus 6T Specifications and price in India:

We can expect similar specs on the line of OnePlus 6 because a chipset upgrade seems rather difficult at this point in time. The battery, however, remains a mystery as of now, whether they max it out or remain in the same range as the 6. One big update that we could expect is increased camera performance from the new 6T. The OnePlus 6 had a great camera but it has been eclipsed by a lot of newer launches in the recent times. Hence a better camera is something a lot of people expect from the OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price Details

All things aside, rumours are widespread but it is yet to be seen what has OnePlus planned for users. One thing is sure though, there’s a lot to come.

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We can expect the OnePlus 6T launch date in India to be in the first week of November or late in October. The OnePlus 6T price in India would be around $550 which is roughly around the same price as the OnePlus 6 i.e. 36-38K INR. But the recent $ vs rupee fluctuations have made the prices of a lot of things higher. Hence it would be really tough to maintain a great product pricing for a lot of brands including OnePlus in the near future!

So this was it for this post, in case you found it informative, do let us know in the comments section below!

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All OnePlus 6T launch date in India and price rumours and leaks!

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