OnePlus 7 Pro to get side return navigation feature soon!

Huawei and Xiaomi users must be happy now!

The OnePlus 7 Pro recently got an update which fixed most of its camera woes. Some recent updates have really fixed the device’s few shortcomings. Right now the OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the most polished flagship experiences out there. But not a lot of people like the particular navigation gesture style that the OnePlus 7 Pro offers. Some people are particularly used to the Navigation gesture of swiping from left or right to go back from an app. And needless to say it’s pretty intuitive and works really well.

Most of the Xiaomi and Huawei phones use software which does support such a navigation style. On a Chinese microblogging forum Zhang Wei responded to a user query that the One plus 7 Pro may get the upgrade to Android Q soon. Hence it was also implied that it might get the side-return gesture functionality that a lot of users like!

oneplus 7 pro hydrogen os update

There’s a beta rom for Hydrogen OS for Chinese users which comes with this functionality as of now.

In addition, the original bottom-up sliding return gesture interaction has not been removed, and it remains with the side return style. In addition, this version update is currently limited to the internal beta version of the ROM. If there are no other problems in the future, the official version will be updated soon.

So guys what style of navigation do you guys really like? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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OnePlus 7 Pro to get side return navigation feature soon!

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