OnePlus Two Review, the Final Verdict!

OnePlus Two Review– Value for money is what drives the Indian Smartphone market. Last year, one such phone hit it at the point, which was OnePlus One.

Amazing features, great performance, and a pretty affordable price, a phone that made established brands make a run for their money. Now, the recently launched OnePlus Two has come to the market with a limited number of invites and many eager buyers.

Here’s a detailed OnePlus Two review, the device is available since 1st August on the OnePlus website and Amazon but you need an invite to buy this smartphone!

Design and Display:

Evolving from the minimalistic back cover and designs, OnePlus Two gives you the option to choose and customize your device just like you want. There are different types of back covers available that can be purchased along with the device.

Though you will be receiving a traditional sandstone black back cover with OnePlus Two. Also, the plastic body has moved a bit forward to magnesium alloy sides which makes the phone look a little stylish.

And make sure not to mix up the sides by assuming that it’s made out of aluminum.

One plus 2 bottom charging port and speakers

OnePlus Two is a little heavy compared to its predecessor. 20 gm of difference is there in the weight category which is not something that can be simply ignored in the smartphone world.

But the phone does feel sturdy in hand and the build quality is top-notch!

When it comes to display, thanks to 178 degrees of crystal clear viewing angles, you will be able to view this device under direct sunlight. 600 nits (brightness) is decent which OnePlus Two is providing you with.

But somehow the screen is not that great when indoor brightness comes into play as OnePlus has sacrificed greater brightness for better colors. HD 5.5-inch IPS LCD In-Cell display which makes you fall in love with the almost stock Android feel as well.

One plus 2 wooden back cover display
There’s the availability of Shelf on One Plus Two, which gives you a customized home screen to use where you can add all your favorite stuff that you don’t want to display on the home screen, but also want easy access to it.

This in turn de-clutters your home screen for that clean screen feel. You can also change the background color of your menus to a dark theme, in case you get bored.

Software and Performance:

The overall performance of the OnePlus Two has been amazing! The Android 5.1.1 Lollipop-based Oxygen OS runs smoothly without any kind of lag and also houses the latest chipset Snapdragon 810 SoC.

The device comes packed with a 1.8GHz Octa Core CPU, Cortex-A57, and Adreno 430 GPU as a cherry on top. The only issue is Snapdragon 810 chipset. It makes the device heat up in case you multitask a little more or play games. Though OnePlus One heated up to the “warm” category which was ignorable, such issues must be noticed and reported.

OnePlus Two has used many measures to ensure that the phone doesn’t get flat-out hot for the user, the processor too has been under-clocked to make sure that heating is not felt that easily.

One plus 2 front display of the phone
There is a fingerprint scanner also on the OnePlus Two, using which you can unlock or wake up the device using one of the five stored fingerprints in half a second. There is also an alert slider for custom notifications setting. You can also put the phone on silent mode by simply clicking on the slider.

We found in our review that the fingerprint scanner worked well most of the time and was pretty snappy. The alert slider too is a welcome addition to the phone!


A 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera makes OnePlus any amateur photographers delight. Especially for those who love to capture moments through the lens. The main camera is power packed with 6 lenses, dual LED flash, and a f/2.0 aperture.

One plus 2 back camera and dual tone flash

And a solution for low light shots too- 1.3-micrometer light-collecting pixels! The camera takes less time and focuses within .33 milliseconds. The device also supports 4K and RAW images.

The only issue one faces while using the camera on OnePlus Two is when you try and zoom captured pictures. The finger doesn’t set properly with the zoom effect and also messes up the picture quality.

This can be easily mitigated by using another Camera application. The dynamic range and overall picture quality on the phone are pretty amazing out of the box.


With a 3300 mAh battery, OnePlus two is expected to survive for a day on paper. But when tested, the battery dies within 11-12 hours on heavy usage and barely lasts till the evening on moderate usage.

So for those having high expectations, please keep them at bay. It also takes a lot of time to charge this phone as the USB type C connector on this phone doesn’t support fast charging!

We have a lot to tell you about this smartphone but we will let the videos do the rest of the talking as there’s too much to discuss about the //insert HYPE here// 2016 flagship killer!

Video Reviews

Here’s our full video for the OnePlus Two review [GAMING]:

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OnePlus 2 Slow motion video sample 120 FPS:

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OnePlus Two full unboxing and hands-on

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And Finally, the full OnePlus Two Review by Inspire2rise:

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OnePlus Two Review, the Final Verdict!

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