OpenAI Forms Committee to Evaluate AI Safety Amid New Model Training

OpenAI has created a new board committee to evaluate AI model safety, coinciding with internal team changes and criticism on governance.

OpenAI has established a new board committee to assess the safety of its AI models, just weeks after disbanding its internal safety team and the departure of its safety chief.

This move comes amid criticism from former board members Helen Toner and Tasha McCauley regarding OpenAI’s governance, expressed in an article in The Economist.

The newly formed committee will evaluate OpenAI’s safety measures within 90 days and submit a report. OpenAI has pledged to share the adopted recommendations transparently.

The company also announced it has started training its latest AI models.

Last fall, CEO Sam Altman and co-founder Ilya Sutskever clashed over the pace of AI product development and harm mitigation measures, leading to Altman’s brief ousting in a boardroom coup.

Recently, Sutskever and key assistant Jan Leike, who led the superalignment team focused on long-term AI threats, resigned, citing resource competition within the company.

OpenAI disbanded Sutskever’s team, with research and alignment science now led by co-founder John Schulman.

Additionally, OpenAI revoked a policy that canceled stock options for former employees who criticized the company.

The new safety committee includes board members Bret Taylor, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo, former Sony executive Nicole Seligman, and six employees, including Schulman and Altman.

OpenAI will also consult external experts, such as Rob Joyce and John Carlin.

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OpenAI Forms Committee to Evaluate AI Safety Amid New Model Training

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