OpenAI’s Mysterious San Francisco Office Raises Local Concerns

OpenAI’s secretive San Francisco office and its undercover security staff have raised concerns among local businesses.

OpenAI’s San Francisco Office Causes Unease with Undercover Security

June 10, 2024 – Reports indicate that OpenAI’s San Francisco office has caused unease among nearby business owners due to its tight security measures. The San Francisco Standard recently noted suspicious individuals outside the office, dressed in black baseball caps, sunglasses, and discreet earpieces, resembling undercover security guards.

Candace Combs, owner of In-Symmetry Spa, mentioned that when she inquired about their affiliation, they refused to disclose any information.

OpenAI moved into its new 59,000-square-foot office in San Francisco’s Church District in July 2023. The building features typical Silicon Valley amenities, including nap rooms, mini kitchens, a sunset lounge, and a multi-million-dollar two-story library.

Since the move, OpenAI has maintained strict confidentiality about its office details, declining media visits and neither confirming nor denying the location.

Ian Langlands, a cashier at a nearby pet store, described the atmosphere around OpenAI’s office as “mysterious,” noting that security personnel constantly watch passersby.

James, an employee at Health Ceramics, also recounted that the undercover guards never admit to their roles. While OpenAI is not a bad neighbor, its secrecy is evident.

California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services states that unarmed security personnel do not need uniforms or badges but must be employed by a licensed security company, business, or public agency and provide license information to law enforcement.

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OpenAI’s Mysterious San Francisco Office Raises Local Concerns

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