OpenAI’s macOS ChatGPT Launch Prioritizes User Base

Learn why OpenAI launched the ChatGPT app for macOS first, focusing on its major user base despite Windows’ market dominance.

On May 14th, OpenAI hosted an online event announcing a series of updates to ChatGPT, including the upgraded GPT-4o model, which features enhanced real-time speech capabilities and faster performance speeds.


Known for its close relationship with Microsoft, which has invested over $10 billion in OpenAI, the company has incorporated OpenAI’s technology in its Copilot service.

Despite Windows leading in PC market share, OpenAI first released the ChatGPT app for macOS, citing that the majority of its users are on this platform.

Windows users can still access ChatGPT through the web, though the experience is not as seamless as on a native app.

OpenAI’s engineering lead, Javi, mentioned that the company is hiring Windows engineers, potentially to develop a native ChatGPT app for Windows.

This move allows OpenAI technologies to be available to users sooner than if they were integrated into Microsoft’s Copilot service.

Next week, Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference will likely focus on artificial intelligence, where further support for GPT-4o in Copilot may be announced.

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OpenAI’s macOS ChatGPT Launch Prioritizes User Base

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