OPPO A3 Pro to Be Unveiled as the First Fully Waterproof Smartphone

Discover the OPPO A3 Pro, the pioneering smartphone offering full-level waterproof IP69 protection, equipped with the powerful Dimensity 7050.

On April 8, 2024, OPPO made an exciting announcement about the upcoming release of the OPPO A3 Pro, setting a new benchmark in smartphone durability with its launch scheduled for April 12 at 14:30.

Liu Bo, President of OPPO China, took to the stage, introducing the OPPO A3 Pro as the world’s first smartphone to achieve full-level waterproofing, a significant milestone in the industry.

Boasting sales surpassing 700 million units globally, the OPPO A series has consistently been at the forefront of innovation.

The latest addition, the OPPO A3 Pro, is heralded for its unparalleled waterproof capabilities, alongside its robust resistance to drops and wear.

This achievement is part of OPPO’s commitment to durability, a philosophy that saw its previous model, the A2 Pro, introduce a pioneering four-year battery warranty. The A3 Pro aims to double down on this promise, offering even greater longevity and resilience.

Color options for the OPPO A3 Pro include Sky Blue, Cloud Brocade Pink, and Distant Mountain Blue, inspired by traditional Song dynasty aesthetics.

These choices reflect OPPO’s dedication to blending technology with art. The A3 Pro’s hardware specifications are impressive, featuring the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of internal storage.

It boasts a 6.7-inch 1080p 120Hz OLED display, a 64MP primary camera, and a 5000mAh battery.

Its standout feature, however, is the IP69 rating, offering the highest level of dust and water resistance available, making it an ideal choice for users looking for a device that can withstand the elements.

Priced within the affordable range, the OPPO A3 Pro redefines expectations for budget smartphones.

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OPPO A3 Pro to Be Unveiled as the First Fully Waterproof Smartphone

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