OPPO successfully concludes the second season of OPPO Elevate!

Oppo offers a fantastic global platform for startups innovating humanistic technology!

  • The second edition of the OPPO Elevate program witnessed 2x growth in the number of participants.
  • Through Elevate Program OPPO India aims to sharpen its focus on startups with an approach of virtuous innovation.

With an aim to accelerate the development of high-potential tech startups and promote innovation in the market, OPPO India successfully completed the second edition of the OPPO Elevate Program. The 2022 edition of OPPO Elevate witnessed 2x growth in the number of participants. During the Demo Day held today in Hyderabad, the top 10 technology startups from India got the chance to present their proposals for innovative tech solutions in digital health and accessible technology to esteemed Jury members from the industry. The top four India winners will present their innovations at the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator’s global final, held later this year, and stand a chance to win $46,000.

Tasleem Arif, VP and R&D Head, OPPO India, commented on the event, saying,

“We need companies with a core value to support virtuous innovation and are trying to look at the world differently. Startups have an inherent DNA of innovation and utilising the best technology can offer. OPPO will be working with these startups not just to guide them to succeed but to also deliver their humanistic innovations to the customers and transform lives. We aim to be a springboard for India’s startups’ success and add value to the ecosystem. Through the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator and OPPO Elevate program, OPPO will continue mentoring the fantastic tech startups and spur a new wave of innovation empowering people to live healthier and happier lives.”

The OPPO India Elevate program serves as an incubator for a hub for driving ideas, innovation and action. Over the last year, OPPO Elevate has empowered several start-ups to build innovative solutions leveraging state-of-the-art equipment, global mentorship, and access to OPPO’s rich network of partners, helping them drive and fast-track their way to reaching out to consumers. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the elevate program includes deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition, and founders’ leadership development. This year OPPO Elevate program has been aligned with the global innovation accelerator program initiated by OPPO Research Institute to bring together resources and expertise from around the world. Focusing on two main areas of innovation, OPPO will provide both financial and technical support to aid the development of innovative technological solutions and bring them to more users worldwide.

Winners of OPPO Elevate 2022 with the judges

All proposals submitted to the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator are evaluated under the supervision of a professional Judging Committee against their ability to meet four key criteria: Feasibility, Innovation & Originality, Social Value, and Long-term Potential. Three of the ten proposals shortlisted for the Demo Day in Hyderabad were selected to progress to the global final later this year. The winners (displayed in no particular order) are:

  • YogiFiBy Wellnesys Technologies: The brand synergises technology with ancient Indian Yoga techniques to build a healthier India and help users with medical care.  Being the first patient treated through this method, the founder Muralidhar Somisetty aims to enable access to state-of-the-art digital health and wellness solutions to users even from tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • TinkerTech Laboratories Private Limited: Developed by a team of people who have experienced hearing loss in some form in their lives, the TinkerTech Lab solution is the world’s first truly affordable heads-up captioning display. The product aims to solve the challenges of expensive medical treatments, uncomfortable devices and medical procedures and revolutionise the world for patients suffering from hearing loss.
  • Backyardcreators: The innovative offering by the company will help do away with surgeries for hearing impaired patients. This will help avoid the need for pre and post-surgery care and expenses related to such surgeries. With the help of the world’s first Adhesive non-Surgical hearing device for by-birth and total hearing loss patients, Backyardcreators aims to provide the opportunity to hear again for patients who may have lost the hope to be able to overcome the loss of hearing. The offering will have a significant impact on the lives of 140 million children around the world.
  • CogniAble International Private Limited: CogniAble aims to empower children with special needs and their caregivers alike through data and affordable care. The platform helps differently abled children acquire skills across multiple areas like social skills, academic skills, speech skills, language skills etc. through therapy and digital screening. It offers families across socioeconomic statuses to help their children lead independent life.

In addition to the winners, the remaining presenters are entitled to a collaboration with OPPO for applicable technical discussion and access to R&D facilities (Labs, spaces, Mobile devices) on mutually agreed terms and schedules. Further, they will also be invited to Microsoft for Start-ups Founders Hub, and eligible start-ups will receive up to USD150K worth of Azure credits, mentoring and guidance from business and technical experts, and access to the world-class developer and productivity tools.

The rapid development of technology has resulted in certain disadvantaged groups being left behind by society. OPPO initiated the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator in May this year to explore solutions to some of the most urgent issues facing the world today that could help those most marginalized by current technology. This program draws on OPPO’s brand proposition of “Inspiration Ahead” to bring together technology and innovation professionals under the shared belief that Inspiration Matters to help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

For more updates on the upcoming the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator and all upcoming events, please visit https://www.oppo.com/en/proposal/

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OPPO successfully concludes the second season of OPPO Elevate!

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