OPPO works with global partners to conduct the first DSS data call!

Works with Ericsson, Qualcomm, Swisscom and Telstra to make the industry’s first DSS data call over commercial 5G networks!

OPPO has become the global first smart device brand to support DSS, and
plans to roll out DSS-enabled 5G smartphone next year are underway. They have worked with Ericsson, Qualcomm, Swisscom and Telstra to make the industry’s first DSS data call over commercial 5G networks.

OPPO on 2nd December announced that it has made the industry’s
first DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) data call using its world’s first DSS-enabled
5G smartphone via a collaboration with Ericsson, Qualcomm Technologies (a
a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated), Swisscom and Telstra (sort alphabetically).
OPPO has also become the global first smart device brand to support DSS. It marks
a milestone on the path to make DSS technology a commercial reality. DSS
technology enables carriers to leverage existing 4G and 5G frequency spectrums and
networks accelerating the global deployment of 5G services and bring 5G experience
on a broader scale.

The call made on November 29th was using an OPPO 5G smartphone powered by
by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System connected Bern,
Switzerland and Gold Coast, Australia, via Swisscom’s and Telstra’s commercial 5G
networks that feature Ericsson Spectrum Sharing (ESS) technology. The call was
achieved using spectrum sharing on a 3GPP Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) band.
It also marks the first achievement of OPPO Ericsson 5G Joint Lab. When compared
to 4G, the 5G network, features high speed and low latency, boosting the video quality
and reducing latency significantly to create an exceptional 5G video call experience
for users.

DSS 5G Call

Andy Wu, Vice President and President of Software Engineering Business Unit,
OPPO said,

“As a leading global technology company, OPPO proactively works to
accelerate large-scale commercialization of 5G. Our cooperation with Ericsson,
Qualcomm, Swisscom and Telstra to facilitate the commercial use of Dynamic
Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology is part of our in-depth collaborations in the 5G
era. OPPO plans to launch 5G smartphones that support DSS in the next year, which
will provide more stable, seamless, and speedy 5G connections and hence better
user experience.”

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks, Ericsson, said,

“This industry-first highlights the value that Ericsson Spectrum Sharing has to
communication service providers as they roll-out and ramp-up 5G. With this milestone achieved with our 5G ecosystem partners OPPO, Qualcomm Technologies, and customers Swisscom and Telstra, we’ve shown that our unique the solution will not only enable service providers to re-use their 4G spectrum assets for 5G but that it will also support all 5G devices. It is the most economically feasible way to launch 5G on existing bands, enabling nationwide 5G coverage and help make 5G accessible around the world.”

Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President and President, Qualcomm EMEA, said,

“Coverage is the next 5G killer app and this is another significant milestone and step
towards ubiquitous 5G coverage. Dynamic spectrum sharing will bring key benefits to
operators and consumers globally and the Snapdragon X55 5G -RF system is a
a comprehensive solution designed to allow OEMs to rapidly develop 5G multimode
devices for a new era of connected experiences.”

Christoph Aeschlimann, Member of the Executive Board and Head of IT, Network;
Infrastructure, Swisscom, said,

“We are very excited to reach yet another 5G milestone with our partners. The first international end-to-end Ericsson-Dynamic-Spectrum Sharing call is the next step in our 5G journey. It was only possible with a well-experienced team of provider, vendor, chipset and handset maker with a proven 5G track record.”

Channa Seneviratne, Network and Engineering Infrastructure Executive, Telstra,

“This latest collaboration of industry partners is paving the way for the faster
the rollout of 5G by using existing spectrum holdings to serve the needs of 4G and 5G
customers in the same location at the same time. This collective implementation is
yet another innovative example of how 5G technology continues to advance in a
rapid fashion, and at Telstra, we are pleased to bring that latest technology to
Australians first.”

For networks, the situation of global wireless spectrum resources is becoming
increasingly complex with the roll-out of 5G. The introduction of DSS technology
enables carriers to share a spectrum dynamically through software upgrades, thus
applying the existing 4G network to deliver 5G services to users. DSS allows carriers
to deploy 5G network on a broader scale more quickly and in a more cost-effective
way. For mobile devices, users will be able to enjoy 5G services in the DSS-enabled
networks with smartphones that support DSS.

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OPPO has always been committed to driving the global 5G commercialization and
has obtained a wealth of advantages in 5G standard and patent, products and
technologies, as well as scenario applications. Meanwhile, OPPO has been working
closely with global industry partners. The success of the data call indicates a
deepening collaboration between OPPO and its partners. OPPO has launched
Europe’s first commercial 5G phone – the Reno 5G – with Swisscom before. And with
Ericsson, OPPO has established a 5G Joint Lab. OPPO will continue collaborating
with key industry partners to accelerate the roll-out of 5G globally, bringing 5G
experiences to more consumers worldwide.

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OPPO works with global partners to conduct the first DSS data call!

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