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Oppo in display camera smartphone to launch tomorrow!

Breakthrough smartphone to be showcased at MWC Shanghai soon!


On June 25th, OPPO released a new poster for their upcoming smartphone. In addition to the full screen, the OPPO in-display camera phone will come with the following highlight features.

oppo in screen camera phone
The original Chinese poster for the Oppo in-display camera phone announcement!

The new comprehensive screen solution optimizes the internal structure of the smartphone. The weight of the whole smartphone is lighter, the grip experience is better. The whole smartphone now has an integrated design. The overall airtightness is better, and the quality is higher than ever before.

oppo in display camera smartphone
Our rough translated version of the official Chinese Oppo Poster!

There is no doubt that the camera technology under the screen is one of the important development directions for the smartphone industry. In the future, the forehead part of the full-screen mobile phones will no longer be bogged down by the front camera, sensors and other components. This will help to ensure that the screen ratio can be higher, and a true full-screen design can be finally achieved.

Oppo in display camera smartphone details

It should be noted that OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren reminded that at this stage, the camera quality of the in display camera module won’t be really that good. At this stage, the under the screen camera is difficult to perfect and the optical quality will definitely have a certain loss. This would be when compared to the current front camera tech. The in-display front camera would certainly be useful but won’t be as good as some of the current smartphones in terms of picture quality!

However, the application of this new technology has not been smooth. Just like in-display fingerprint sensors in their initial days this tech would certainly need some iterations. Now after several iterations, the in-display fingerprint sensors have achieved a similar experience compared to traditional capacitive fingerprints. I believe that with further advancements in technology, soon the in-display camera mechanism would be a perfectly viable solution for the smartphones of tomorrow!

Finally, to conclude, the OPPO in-screen camera phone will be officially unveiled tomorrow. So guys are you excited about the same? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below! Subscribe to our newsletter for more tech news and leaks delivered to you on a timely basis!

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