Oppo in-screen camera technology demonstrated in a demo!

No need for notch, pop-up, punch-holes now!

On our way to completely bezel-less smartphones, we have adopted a lot of temporary solutions. It all started with the notch. Then came the pop-up camera. After that, we got different types of notches like waterdrop notch, punch-hole notch. Then we also got flip camera setups like the ASUS Zenfone 6. Slider designs like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. There have been so many attempts at making a truly full-screen experience that it seems sooner than later there will be a huge breakthrough.

Now there’s news coming in from Oppo that they have demonstrated an under the screen camera technology where the front camera is hidden behind the display.

Today OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren showed off Oppo in screen camera technology.

Oppo In screen camera tech demo

oppo in screen camera technology demo

According to the video released by Shen Yiren, the prototype machine adopts a true full-screen form without a notch, no water drop, and no punch hole. The front camera is cleverly hidden. When the front camera is turned on, you can preview it on the shooting screen.

weibo post showing oppo in screen tech
An online post showing the Oppo in screen tech demo!

There is no doubt that the camera technology under the screen is one of the development directions of the industry. Everybody sees that as the holy grail towards achieving a full bezel-less design in the future. As an almost 100% screen to body ratio becomes a reality for smartphones then we would get better and more compact displays in a smaller form factor. These are really exciting times for smartphone enthusiasts!

More importantly, with the gradual development of the in-display screen fingerprint recognition technology, it has become even imperative now to find a solution to get rid of the front camera and sensors. If the in-display screen camera solution is supplemented, then the future mobile phones will become a complete screen experience with possibly stereo speaker setup on both top and bottom with a tiny bezel. Such an experience and device would definitely be a game changer!

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Oppo camera technology: More details!

Unfortunately, Shen Yiren did not announce the mass production and time-to-market for the OPPO in screen camera design phone! Personally, I feel that we are just a year away from a true full-screen era of smartphones. Apple would definitely be late to the whole party. But I expect a great deal from Android smartphone makers. And from the looks of what Oppo has done till now, it doesn’t feel like they would disappoint anyone!

So guys what do you think about this tech development? Would true full-screen smartphones come soon? And if they do come soon would they be affordable? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below! Don’t forget to subscribe to Inspire2rise for more awesome tech updates!

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Oppo in-screen camera technology demonstrated in a demo!

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