Paranoid darkness – The endless apathy

As the title suggests, we shall delve in detail into the darkness surrounding us everywhere in the present day world.

This darkness is not the material one which comes and goes daily as the day-night cycle continues.

It’s the darkness which is engulfing us day by day.

Crime rates are spiralling up.

It’s the loss of morality, changing perceptions, insensitivity towards acts leading degradation and above all the exponential increase in the crime rate . Today acts of crimes have become as common to us as our daily meal. Daily we read this in newspapers and magazines and are exposed to huge amounts of negative influences by the media and other information sources.

Loss of Innocence.

A study has shown that till a child reaches adolescence he/she has watched over a thousand murder scenes, rape scenes and kidnappings on the television. It’s not the fault of the new technology and electronic media alone. If such crimes hadn’t been there, a need wouldn’t have arised to show them on the television.

Crime as such has become such a commonplace act that we often forget that many acts in our daily routines are also crimes, though not heinous and whatsoever small and petty they may be, but they still are nothing else but crimes. Jumping the red lights, bribing someone, not taking a ticket while travelling in the bus, spitting on roads etc. all these are acts of crime and they pave way for bigger, darker & more cynical situations in life and result in crimes.
The only solution to this great dilemma of today is to re-evoke the lost sense of morality among the Gen-Y’ers and change their perceptions towards the world and towards sinful acts as something which should be the most formidable. This paranoid darkness can only be removed by active efforts from your side and mine side.

I am not a preacher, I too am flawed ,this is not a teaching in name of any God. Because morality can’t be puchased nor taught , neither can it be from any store bought.

Pledge in thou heart and make small and noble deeds of goodness a part of your life .
Stay inspired to rise. And do remember that at the end of the day – You are the one who can make the change.

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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Paranoid darkness – The endless apathy

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