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How to pin a post to homepage in WordPress

How to pin a post to homepage in WordPress

WordPress is powering so much of the modern web right now that good support guides for WordPress related queries and solutions for WordPress have become the demand of these times. Finding good resources for WordPress is a tough task, we at Inspire2rise have been committed to the task of making blogging easier for you and making it a more fulfilling, rewarding and rich experience. So here is our guide for you to teach you how to pin a post to homepage in WordPress!

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Steps + Screenshot:

  • First login into your WordPress dashboard and head to All posts if it’s an old post that you wish to edit, and select it their in the options for editing.
  • Now once in the editor mode see on the right hand side there’s an option for “Visibility” with “Public” and “Edit” written next to them , click on the “Edit” option. Then tick the option which says “Stick the post to the top”. Voila you are done! 😀
  • For ease of usage we have included the screenshot too for the specific link.

How to pin a post to homepage in WordPress guide


So that was all regarding making posts sticky in WordPress. So did it work alright for you? If you faced any problems or want to ask something then don’t hesitate to comment on this post!

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  1. Hi,
    Nice post, I have created a plugin in WordPress. It is a premium plugin and it lets you pin one of your comment to the top. codecanyon dot net/item/comment-pinner/12235131 is the URL.

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