Platform No. 8 – New Horror Game Launches on Steam

Explore the latest release, Platform No. 8, a psychological horror game now available on Steam, offering a unique

On May 12, 2024, fans of the psychological horror game “Exit No. 8” will be pleased to know that its official sequel, “Platform No. 8,” is now available on Steam and is expected to launch in mid-May.

The price has not yet been announced.

Platform 8 new game

In this sequel, the game’s setting moves to a tram, and the gameplay continues the series’ tradition of searching for “anomalies” to test players’ observation and memory skills.

psychological horror game

Only by identifying these anomalies can players escape the perpetual loop and find the right direction.

“Platform No. 8” is described as a short walking simulator inspired by the Japanese rail transit system and liminal spaces. The game duration ranges from 15 to 60 minutes.


Players find themselves trapped on an endlessly operating train where they must spot anomalies and find a way out.

Additionally, the game allows both individuals and companies to distribute videos without a license, though certain guidelines should be followed.

These include mentioning the game’s name in the video and title, including a link to the game’s Steam page in the summary, and using only the monetization features provided by the video distribution websites.

Paid distribution is allowed, such as subscriber-exclusive videos, although free videos are preferred. The company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the dissemination of the game’s videos.

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Platform No. 8 – New Horror Game Launches on Steam

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