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Pokémon Go has stormed the entire world since its launch 1 month ago and has seen the greatest user base in the shortest amount of time span. It has an in-app time that can make the likes of Facebook and Whatsapp feel ashamed about their user engagement metrics. But some people have found Pokémon GO too tough of a game despite its well built UI/UX. So today at Inspire2rise we have a lot of Pokémon Go tips and tricks for the players of Pokémon GO so as to make their game play easier and more rewarding.

Pokémon Go tips and tricks

How to get Eggs in Pokémon GO?

To find eggs in Pokémon GO you have to visit Pokéstops and when you are in the range of a Pokéstop just rotate the circle using a flick of your finger and only sometimes you will find eggs, everytime you get different commodities at Pokéstops. It can be Pokéballs, potions, eggs, incense, Lucky egg and a lot of other things.

How to hatch Eggs quickly in Pokémon GO?

This specific question has no particular answer as the game requires the players to walk/travel a certain distance before their eggs are hatched. Eggs are labelled according to distance and the more the distance for an egg to hatch the better the Pokémon would be that comes out of that egg. There’s a speed limit imposed by the game on players as distance is not counted above a speed limit of 20 km/hr which is the speed of a normal jog.

I found few loopholes in it. There are few smartphones out there who don’t update the GPS info that nicely and that leads to a lot of distance being counted even when you are in a moving vehicle. This way I was able to hatch two 10 km eggs and one 5 KM egg in one day just by travelling inside the metro. The smartphone I used was the LeEco Le 2 and there are few other phones on which this tricks works great!

How to cheat in Pokémon GO?

You can easily cheat in the game by using FakeGPS tricks. You can watch the below videos to know more how to Fake your location and play Pokémon GO without even going out. Though that defeats the entire purpose of the game and Niantic is known to ban players who are caught using such mods, still nonetheless it’s good fun while it lasts!

How to unban my Pokémon GO account?

A lot of cheating can even lead to your Pokémon GO account being banned as we already stated earlier. But you can even unban your account by visiting your nearest Pokéstop and relentlessly keep swiping and rotating the circle around fifty plus times or so till the time the Pokéstop doesn’t actually give you some items. As soon as that happens your account gets unbanned and you can play again! 😀

How to catch higher CP Pokémons?

Once you reach a certain level in the game the game automatically presents you with higher CP Pokémon and they are quite difficult to catch with your normal Pokéballs. After reaching level 12 you get Great Balls which have a higher catch rate but they too are not a guarantee of an easy catch.
To make your catch easier you can feed Razberry to the Pokémon before throwing the Pokéball on them. After you cross level 20 you get Ultra ball which has even better catch rate.

How to attract Pokémon to my vicinity?

To attract Pokémons to your nearby location you can use Incense which works for a duration of 30 minutes and Incense works best when you are walking or jogging at light speed as that increases the Pokemon Spawn rate to about 1 per 60 seconds or so and that way if you are lucky enough you would be able to catch atleast 15-20 Pokémon during the duration of your incense activation period.

Another working method to bring Pokémons closer is to use a Pokéstop module which can be fitted into a Pokéstop and similar to incense it also lasts for 30 minutes. But one of the things about Pokéstop module is that it benefits almost every player in the vicinity of the area i.e. everyone would have an increased Pokémon spawn rate for that time duration.

Another tip is that you should keep walking, the game’s spawn rate generally goes down if you are sitting in a location with almost no activity.

Another working tip is to find a place with many Pokéstops in close proximity, this assures a very high Pokémon spawn rate as a lot of players would be using Pokéstop modules etc. to lure Pokémons to that area. For example: Deer Park in Hauz Khas in New Delhi is one such place where the spawn rate is too high because of too many Pokéstops and continuous deployment of lure modules.

In general parks and public places have a higher Pokémon spawn rate.

How to best throw a Pokéball?

You can throw a Pokéball in various ways. You can spin it and then throw it to catch a Pokémon which would give you a Spin bonus. But it’s often a difficult task to accomplish. The best way often is to just have a gentle straightforward motion with one finger towards the Pokémon and you should lift your finger depending upon how far the Pokémon is from you.

When should I evolve my Pokémon?

You should generally have enough candies and stardust in order to evolve and power up your Pokémon. Both of them can be attained by capturing new Pokémon and candies can be attained by capturing Pokémon of the same base type. For example: Charmander, Charmaleon and Charizard are of the same base type i.e. you need Charmander candies to evolve these.

Evolving your Pokémon generates XP and increased XP leads to increase in your trainer level. The best way to gather more XP is to use a lucky egg and evolve all your Pokémons at one go. Lucky Egg gives you double XP points for every action you do during the 30 minutes when it’s active.

Reading now: Pokémon Go tips and tricks - Full Guide.

How do I get more Pokéballs?

Pokéballs are the main devices you use for capturing Pokémons. It’s very easy to loose Pokéballs at a very fast rate when trying to capture Pokémons which keep on running away or resist attempts to be captured. You can gain Pokéballs when you swipe up the circle at Pokéstops or by buying them via coins which involves using real world money.

Another way is to gain higher trainer level because every time you get a higher trainer level you also get few Pokéballs along with that.

What type Pokémons are the best for defending gyms?

Generally Normal type Pokémons are the best for defending gyms as they don’t have any type specific weaknesses. For example water type Pokémons are ineffective against Electric type but Normal type Pokémons don’t have such weaknesses. This should also explain why there are a lot of Snorlax out there defending several gyms.

In general the higher CP Pokémons too irrespective of their type are really great for defending gyms. Using rare Pokémons for such activity also increases your gym retention rate.

Here’s a video that we did for users who want to play Pokémon Go in India:

Which Pokémon should I focus on?

Always focus on the Pokémons which have a higher CP increment rate. There’s a complete chart for this which explains that few Pokémons get really good CP increments every time you power them up. Bug type or poison type Pokémons simply don’t cut it when it comes to gaining a really high CP and the following chart should come in handy for you when you are out there devoting time to a particular Pokémon powering it up.

list of pokemons ranked according to cp gains

We will keep updating this guide with more and more useful Pokémon Go tips and tricks over a period of time.

We hope you find it useful!

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