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Publishers are not satisfied with the Apple News+ service at all!

Things are not all rosy for Apple news Plus service!


Last March, Apple acquired Texture, the company’s application was a great online magazine app. For a price of $ 9.99 a month, users could read 200 magazines. Then in March of this year, Apple launched the Apple News Plus subscription service, which was also $9.99 per month (this seems to be a discounted price point for many subscription services). And subscribers can browse more than 300 publications online using it.

Apple News Plus: The low down!

While the free Apple News app still exists and ranks first in its class. The Apple News+ services give iOS users access to premium sites that typically have a pay-wall. This includes sites such as The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and other premium online content. But according to a report by reputed Tech publication BusinessInsider, publishers are not attracted by the results they are witnessing with the Apple News+ services.

apple news plus low revenue

Earlier, Apple had told publishers that they would get 10 times the income they had earned in the first year of Apple News + and it turned out to be untrue. A magazine publisher said their income was “one-thousandth of what Apple claimed.”

It has also been reported that publishers are not satisfied with the design of the application. Because publishers pay for the time it takes for readers to read a particular publication, they want Apple to come up with a way to encourage subscribers to read more from their publications.

Apple’s official statements on the situation!

In the end, the report said that many Apple News publishers believe they are surprised by Apple’s lack of attention to the details of Apple News+. 

The report said,

“Some people are surprised. Although Apple is known for its perfectionism in terms of its mobile phones and other hardware, their work on Apple News + seems to be a little far from perfect.”

According to reports, Apple has communicated with publishers. In their own words, they are trying to make products more intuitive and solve publisher problems. Last month, Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue said that Apple has “hundreds of people” committed to making Apple News + Better. Apple News + is currently available in the US and Canada. It is also expected to be launched in the UK this year.

So guys what do you think about Apple News Plus? Is it the future of news reading applications or just something that would die down a natural death in the years to come? Do let us know what you feel in the comments section below!

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