Quitting is not an option

Quitting is not an option. It never was. It never will be. Now think carefully, you are standing on the edge of a cliff. You can’t see what’s beyond the cliff. You can’t foresee what would happen to you if you jump.

Quitting is not an option success kid

But you know the way back. You know where that way will lead you. So why quit to go all the way back. Why not step ahead and see for yourself where the cliff leads. Maybe the path isn’t right. Maybe you would fall. But at least you will have the satisfaction that you tried. That you gave your all!

Quitting is not an option,

Quitting will only lead you to an endless spiral. Consider this :- You believe in something. You try hard initially. But you loose steam in a span of time. And then you quit, thinking that it was not meant to be. But it wasn’t so. You could have done it. You just needed some more push. And if once you quit, it becomes a habit. Eventually when anything starts to get hard, your first reaction would be to quit.

And firstly by instinct, then by habit and then it will become your nature. You will become a perennial quitter.

Well, no one of us deserves such a horrible future. We all deserve good things in life. But we must understand that not each one of us is gonna have it easy. Some might get what they want easily. Some may not. But as Rocky Balboa said,

“It ain’t about how hard you hit! It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward! That’s how winning is done!”

Life will never be easy and if you quit now you will miss the beauty that awaits you on the other end of this Fire trail.

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Just remember one thing people, if you ever feel like quitting you can pour your heart out to the webmaster here. And although I won’t assure that I would give a solution. But instead I will give you the support you need. Because all of us don’t need advice.

We have so many free advice givers, that it seems like a burden to even listen to them! You need support, you need inspiration, you need someone who would listen to you.

quitting is not an option i won't let you quit

Just comment. Maybe I can help you.

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Quitting is not an option

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