Ray-Ban and Meta Unveil AI-Enabled Smart Glasses in New Collaborative Launch

Reports Confirm Meta (Facebook) and Ray-Ban’s Collaboration on Smart Eyewear New reports on August 28 shed light on the partnership between Meta (formerly Facebook) and Ray-Ban, which previously resulted in the release of the Ray-Ban Stories smart eyewear a few years ago.

During that time, we highlighted the eyewear’s capabilities, including call-making, receiving, picture-taking, and music-listening through convenient quick-access buttons.

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According to reputable tech publication The Verge, Meta and Ray-Ban are teaming up once again, this time to introduce the next generation of smart eyewear.

These innovative spectacles will boast built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and the ability to “stream live” content directly to Facebook. Insiders have disclosed that the eyewear is internally known as “Supernova,” with developers discovering references to them within the code of the Facebook View App.

The earlier Stories eyewear, jointly developed by Meta and Ray-Ban, utilized the Facebook View App to synchronize photos, videos, and audio. It is widely believed that this new model will also rely on the same app for data synchronization.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the upcoming eyewear will feature an aesthetically pleasing and slimmer charging case compared to its predecessor.

Additionally, improved chip performance and a larger battery capacity will enable seamless live streaming on Facebook. Although the second-generation eyewear still lacks an integrated display, it can be operated through the eyewear’s side buttons or via a connected mobile phone, leveraging AI-powered voice assistants for interaction.

However, it has been revealed that alongside the second-generation eyewear, a third-generation iteration is slated for release in 2025. This advanced model is expected to introduce a small display, tentatively referred to as a “viewfinder,” allowing users to read text messages and translate text.

Interestingly, sources indicate that this “third-generation eyewear” will not employ waveguide lens technology.

Instead, they will utilize optical-mechanical projection technology, previously seen in Google Glass back in 2013 and last year’s Mijia eyewear camera.

If Meta is indeed adopting this technology only with its third-generation product in 2025, it suggests a slight lag in comparison to its competitors.  

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Ray-Ban and Meta Unveil AI-Enabled Smart Glasses in New Collaborative Launch

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