Razer CEO Unveils the Exquisite 24K Gold Viper Mini Signature Edition Mouse

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Recent Reports: Razer CEO Chen Minliang Unveils 24K Gold Viper Mini Signature Edition Mouse on September 2

Razer CEO Chen Minliang made an exciting announcement yesterday, revealing the stunning 24K gold Viper Mini Signature Edition mouse. This extraordinary product is a specially customized creation, and its price remains undisclosed.

razer viper signature mini gold edition

The recipient of this exclusive 24K gold mouse remains a mystery, as the mouse package comes with a coded nameplate.

According to reliable sources, Razer had previously introduced the Viper Mini Signature Edition back in March of this year. The mouse was available in a collection gift box priced at INR 26,192 or 2,299 Yuan.

The Viper Mini Signature Edition boasts a magnesium alloy outer frame, combining strength and lightweight properties, resulting in a mere 49 grams in weight.

razer viper mini signature edition

Additionally, this exceptional mouse incorporates a third-generation optical mouse micro-movement and the Razer Focus Pro 30K optical sensor, ensuring stability, reliability, and enhanced durability, thereby minimizing the risk of misoperations like accidental double-clicking.

Moreover, it supports Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology, providing an exceptional user experience.  

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Razer CEO Unveils the Exquisite 24K Gold Viper Mini Signature Edition Mouse

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