RealMe 64MP quad camera smartphone coming soon!

RealMe CEO tweeted a real life sample captured from this upcoming phone!

Smartphones have been one of the only pieces of technology in recent years which have kept pushing the envelope in terms of what’s possible in a compact form factor. Earlier we got 48 MP sensors in smartphones and earlier this year Samsung had announced a 64 MP sensor. It was only some amount of time before someone would actually use this in a smartphone. Now there’s news of an upcoming RealMe 64MP quad camera smartphone which would have a Samsung 64 MP GW1 sensor.

RealMe 64MP Quad Camera phone details

The sensor is supposed to be the largest such sensor you can get in a smartphone right now. It’s going be a 1/1.72″ sensor. This means that you would have 0.8um pixel size and when you do a 2*2 that would be 1.6um pixel size from this sensor. This is a Tetra cell sensor i.e. Quad Bayer sensor and it would employ pixel binning in order to generate 16 MP images. But it’s entirely possible that this smartphone would come with a dedicated 64 MP mode which might work only in daylight conditions.

From the picture posted by RealMe India CEO Maadhav Sheth, it’s entirely clear that the smartphone would have a quad camera setup.

Here’s the sample resized down below, and you can see the sample in full glory in the embedded tweet above which was posted on Twitter. Twitter compression has indeed ruined a huge part of the image but it still manages to look impressive!

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realme 64mp ai quad camera sample

RealMe 64MP quad camera phone release date

While there has been no tentative date for this smartphone’s release. But judging by the fast pace RealMe has been following in the past few months we can expect them to come out with this smartphone in the upcoming 2-3 months.

The 64MP sensor is a great one from a technical standpoint. It promises up to 100dB or up to 16.5 stops of dynamic range via HDR in real time. This is higher than the 60DB of the conventional image sensors. While the human eye’s HDR limit range is about 120DB, which means that the 64-megapixel GW1 sensor is approaching the human eye’s limit and can be better. If these photos could be 10-bit HEIF photos, it would open up a huge possibility for the post editing. If something like that is utilized by RealMe then this smartphone could outperform the current phones like Pixel etc. with the right image processing algorithms!

realme dare to leap slogan

In addition, the GW1 sensor also supports DCG double conversion gain technology, which optimizes the FWC to make more efficient use of the light captured by the sensor, especially in bright environments.

RealMe CEO also promised online that this smartphone would hit India before any other country. This also means that this won’t be something like RealMe X which hits China first and doesn’t even come to India months later!

The RealMe X is expected to launch in the month of July and this smartphone would surely come after that phone comes in the market and settles for some time!

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Maadhav Sheth also confirmed online that this phone would launch in Quarter 4 of 2019.

So guys are you excited about the possibility of such a phone coming soon? Would other competitors use the same sensor in their smartphones before RealMe’s phone even hits the market? Do let us know what you think about this situation in the comments section below! And do subscribe to Inspire2Rise for more awesome tech content like this delivered straight to your inbox!

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RealMe 64MP quad camera smartphone coming soon!

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