Redragon KS82 PRO Launch: New Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Discover the Redragon KS82 PRO, a new mechanical keyboard with a Gasket structure, starting at 159 Yuan. Available in multiple colors and switches.

Redragon KS82 PRO Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard Launches on May 20: Starting at 159 Yuan with Gasket Structure

On May 16, 2024, Redragon introduced the KS82 PRO tri-mode mechanical keyboard, available for purchase on

redragon ks82 pro keyboard

This keyboard features a Gasket structure design and offers various color schemes and switch types, with prices ranging from 159 to 269 Yuan depending on the switch type. The available switches include:

  • Long Wu Switch (White and Blue color): 159 Yuan
  • Long Yin Switch (White and Red or Light and Dark Green color): 199 Yuan
  • Litsea Cubeba Switch (Gradient Blue color): 229 Yuan
  • Su Luo Switch (Kung Fu Boy / Phoenix Seeking Phoenix color): 269 Yuan

The keyboard sports an 81-key layout with dimensions of 334 x 140 x 42mm. It includes a volume control knob located at the top right corner and comes equipped with an 8000 mAh battery.

redragon ks82 pro keyboard updates

Additionally, the PCB supports hot-swappable switches and all keys are non-conflicting, making it suitable for gaming and typing.

Here are the specifications for the Redragon KS82 Pro:

redragon ks82 pro specifications

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Redragon KS82 PRO Launch: New Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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