ReLU Is a New Studio Established by PUBG Mobile Developer Krafton

Their first game will be made with AI!

On June 15th, Krafton, the South Korean video game developer responsible for the popular mobile game “PUBG Mobile,” made a significant announcement. Krafton stated that it will establish a new independent studio called ReLU Games, which will specialize in developing games that use deep learning techniques.

The announcement came just a day prior, on June 14th. Kim Min Jung, who is known for supervising Krafton’s Special Project 2, has been appointed as the representative director of ReLU Games. With this new role, Kim will lead the development of ReLU Games, which will become Krafton’s 11th independent studio.

According to Krafton, ReLU Games originated from Special Project 2, an internal incubation project that Krafton launched in 2020. Krafton has stated that it plans to use the knowledge of deep learning accumulated in the project over the past three years to promote the development of ReLU Games’ future game releases.

foonda ai puzzle game krafton
Image Source: Krafton

The first game to be released by ReLU Games is called “FOONDA: AI Puzzle.” This game will use deep learning technology to generate personalized puzzle-solving levels, providing players with a unique and challenging gaming experience. The mobile version of the game is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year, 2023.

ReLU Games is also working on other deep learning-based game projects, such as Project Orchestra, which will use speech recognition. It’s worth noting that Krafton, as part of its strategy to strengthen its production and distribution capabilities, has stated in its financial report that it plans to continue investing in new businesses such as deep learning and metaverse in 2023.

The company clearly believes that these new technologies will play an important role in its future success.

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ReLU Is a New Studio Established by PUBG Mobile Developer Krafton

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