How to restore your site from Google’s website cache


A day ago one of our fellow bloggers got into a serious trouble as his website got down and there was absolutely no way for him to have his site back, his hosting guys had raised their hands and other sources of backups were non existent. He posted a thread on social media asking his friends and fellow bloggers about how to solve this problem. I answered his question and in that answer lies a wonderful way to backup your websites in case you ever loose all of the content. But trust us, this method is quite time taking, painful and it also requires you to act really fast in case of loosing all your site data.

Normally we would suggest you to go through this wordpress security post which is also applicable to other types of websites. This will tell you how to prevent your website from being hacked. But in the remote case that it does happen and your website does get hacked and you have no other backup or source of information or even hosting panel access to restore your website from then this method would come in handy for you.

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How to restore your site from Google’s website cache: The Steps

How to restore your site from Google's website cache

  • First go to Google search engine and then type in “site: yoursiteurl” in Google search.
  • Now all of the pages that have been indexed by Google for your website will show up there in the results.
  • Go to the cached copy of each page and copy all of the page to a Word File or in the visual editor of WordPress Post section. Note down the URL of the post too because later you will need to put the same exact URL when you republish your post after restarting your website from scratch.
  • Do the above steps for all of the posts you have and though it’s very cumbersome and time consuming it would be done if you keep at it. Also you can restore the comments on individual posts by copying the comments made by different people and asking for their email ids from them (to restore gravatars) in case you don’t remember it!
  • So by doing the above steps almost all of your content which has been indexed by Google can be restored to your website even in the case of a major mishap!

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NOTE: In order for this method to work successfully much time should not have passed since your website has gone down because in case that has happened then Google’s crawlers would have visited the URLs again and found nothing their and thus even the previous snapshot/cached data would be lost and you would have absolutely no way left to restore your data!

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